Shopping for swimming trunks used to be like some sort of sartorial Goldilocks-esque torture-too shapeless! Too boring! Too re-mortgage-the-house goddamn expensive!

There I was by the pool in Malaysia, on a long weekend from our home in Singapore, the wife's in a purple polka-dot bikini, the kids dive-bombing in a flurry of neon awesomeness..and I am in a pair of knee-length elasticated waist shorts which I've paid an arm and a leg for, when an old dude who I swear must have been hitting eighty-five, sets up camp beside us, wearing exactly the same shorts.. only with the subtle difference in that he chose to wear them over his gut, rather than under.

Once she had stopped laughing, and probably so she could go back to reading her book in peace, my wife suggested that instead of ranting I take affirmative action to avenge all humiliated thirty-something men in disappointing trunks- if it's impossible to find fun shorts which are affordable and flattering, she said, then see if you can do better.

So I did.

18 months later, Munkle was born and we produced our first collection of Munkle shorts which we believe stay true to that original Munkle manifesto of being fun, affordable and flattering. They are not for everyone, we totally get that, the world would be a very odd (if brightly coloured) place if everyone was a Munkle Man.

But for those guys that might be equally at home wearing a neon Swatch as they are a Jaegar-LeCoultre, who have the confidence not to look like everyone else, who have their feet on the ground but their finger on the pulse, please say hello to Munkle.
It has been a long old journey, but we strongly believe it's the beginning of a brilliant beachwear brand