Rafiki is a two year old brown tufted Capuchin. Rafiki arrived at the IPR because his owners felt that he was lonely and despite loving him very much felt he would be happier living among fellow Capuchins.As soon as Rafiki arrived, he bonded with another Capuchin called Chino and the two of them love getting into mischief with each other. Now, two years later he is growing up into a big, strong and handsome fella.


Sparticus is a 26 year old Rhesus Macaque, which places him at the top of the elder statesman tree at IPR. Sparticus joined the IPR from a zoo which unfortunately had to close down. Since arriving in Pretoria he lives happily next door to his best friend Omua and together they spend their days sunbathing. Despite his years, he has remained big, strong and full of life.


Tarzan the crab eating Macaque had spent most of his life in Israel in a laboratory and along with five friends was sent to the IPR to be given a better home. Nowadays he lives an active life swinging in trees, swimming with his friend Martin and exploring the outdoors.

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